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To reach the ultimate position as the world’s leading transnational in the trade of containerized scrap metal, Indicaa relies heavily on its multi-talented pool of human resources. The company is a staunch believer of Abraham Lincoln’s famous phrase “of the people, by the people, for the people”. Indicaa has established a democratic modus operandi universally across the organization, where authority & responsibility, command & communication and execution & information flow freely, smoothly and seamlessly across the organizational pyramid.

Indicaa considers its human resources to be its single most important asset and herein lies the secret of its immense success. Given its origins as a trading organization without a plant or machinery for production, its Indicaa’s manpower that has fueled the engine of growth.

Indicaa is therefore always on the lookout for new aspiring talent with a high level of competency and lifelong commitment. Indicaa places great emphasis on retaining talent; not because the company would suffer if an employee leaves, but because it would be a personal affront to the management if an Indican finds better working environment elsewhere in this trade. The proof of this philosophy is provided by the presence of happy and dedicated Indicans with long fulfilling years of service. The company further believes in allowing employees to have their say in all matters and encourages them to disagree in the event that they are not convinced about any issue or topic.

The induction of a new member into the Indicaa family involves rigorous and in-depth training of the various aspects of the trade and Indicaa’s working Culture. As a result, at the end of the training, any member of the company is not only well-versed with Indicaa’s Standard Operating Procedures (ISOPs), but is also adequately aware of executing their responsibility to the company with the entirety of their ability.

Human Capital