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Indicaa was incorporated in 1993 in the Isle of Man, UK. The company commenced commercial operations in Dubai, UAE. Beginning with trading in steel products, the company soon identified ferrous scrap metal trade as a key focus area and decided to exploit the huge potential in containerized scrap metal trade hitherto unexplored, especially between the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

By 1999, the company made its foray in scrap metal procurement from Africa with amazing results. Indicaa then expanded its markets by venturing into South East Asia and a little later into Vietnam, where it was a pioneer in this trade. Success in this expansion pushed Indicaa’s annual volumes to 500,000 Tons by 2005. As Indicaa grew its foot hold in costal Africa, Indicaa continued to also expand its markets covering almost all scrap metal importing nations, East of Pakistan up to Korea. With rising demand from Europe and USA for export of scrap metal in containers, Indicaa started procuring from western countries and has not looked back ever since. In 2012, Indicaa launched procurement from Brazil. Similarly procurement from Poland was launched in the same year so as to cover the Eastern Bloc countries. In 2014, USA operations were commenced on a “Direct from Supplier” basis.

Today, Indicaa controls nearly one fourth of the world trade in containerized scrap metal. Indicaa’s pioneering formula of transporting scrap metal in containers gives it a superior edge in Asia, as it satisfies various types of end users with diverse requirements of quality, quantity and varying buying patterns.

Indicaa was slated to cross the One Million Ton mark in trading of containerized recyclables (mostly scrap metal) in 2008; however, the financial crisis in Q4 of 2008 affected Indicaa’s plans too. Indicaa resurrected itself and while the world still recovers from the 2008-09 crisis, Indicaa crossed the One Million Ton mark in 2014.
Indicaa’s success is largely driven by its strength and expertise in logistics globally. Over the years the company has assembled a world class infrastructure that enables it to efficiently handle numerous containers in different parts of the world, through seamless adaptation and synergies with top global shipping lines that follow their own operating procedures.
In business dealings, Indicaa religiously practices the principles of honesty, sincerity, good corporate governance and environmental conservation.