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Indicaa was established in 1993 in the Isle of Man, UK, and commercial operations began the following year in Dubai, U.A.E. Beginning with trading in steel products, Indicaa quickly diversified into the previously unexplored area of ferrous scrap metal trade, with particular focus on its vast potential within the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

In less than six years, Indicaa’s ballooning growth led to scrap metal procurement in Africa. This immense success of increased procurement volume helped Indicaa to expand its marketing network into Southeast Asia and subsequently Vietnam, where Indicaa soon became a pioneer in scrap metal trade. Six years later, the year 2005 saw Indicaa’s annual volumes rise to a colossal 500,000 tonnes. As Indicaa’s stronghold in Coastal Africa grew, the market reach multiplied to encompass nearly all nations that import scrap metal, from Eastern Pakistan all the way up to Korea. Once demand for the exporting of scrap metal grew from Europe and the USA, Indicaa soon began procurement from the West. Operations in  Eastern Europe and Baltic States were launched in 2013, spreading Indicaa’s reach even further to countries from the Eastern Bloc. Operations in South America and North America were also launched in 2012 and 2015 respectively.



Today, Indicaa commands nearly one-tenth of the world trade in containerized scrap metal. The pioneering method of transporting scrap metal in containers gives Indicaa an exclusive edge over the industry, particularly in Asia, where it continues to satisfy its consumers with diverse requirements of quality, quantity and varying buying patterns.

Indicaa’s immense success is largely driven by its strength and expertise in global logistics. Over the years, Indicaa has assembled a world class structure and a rich foundation that enables it to handle immense volume of containers in different parts of the world with efficiency and ease – particularly through seamless adaptation and synergy with the world’s top shipping lines. With each and every business deal, Indicaa also never fails to practice its core values of honesty, sincerity, good corporate governance and environmental conservation.


Indicaa’s operation spreads over 160 locations in more than 40 countries and 6 continents serving over 1000 customers.