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Magnetic Stainless Steel Scrap (400 Series) – CRSS

CRSS is High Chrome-Low Nickel Stainless Steel. This is also known as Magnetic Stainless Steel. Generally, this material comes in loose or baled or shredded form. This can be sourced / loaded in a combination of all three forms. Mixing of various grades should be avoided (if possible) as one could get better realization without mixing. The size of a piece should not be more than 1.5-meter x 1.0 meter. Branches should be confident of the quality of this material before finalizing the deal. Mixing of any Mild Steel or Cast Iron or any other product other than Magnetic Stainless Steel should be avoided. No presence of mud or dust or non-metallic material of whatsoever nature is acceptable. Minimum weight of each container shall be 24 MT. This code of Indicaa conforms to SS 400 SERIES: 3CR12/409/410/430.